The Moors Castle: Sintra's Journey Back in Time, #Portugal


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5/25/20233 min read

Welcome to Portugal, a country where the whispers of ancient civilizations echo through the cobblestone streets, and the past and present converge in a beautiful harmony. In the heart of the Sintra Mountains, a treasure awaits you: the Moors Castle, a stunning testament to the country's rich history and multicultural heritage.


History Brought to Life

Picture this: you are standing on the mountaintop, and the Atlantic coast stretches as far as the eye can see. At your feet lies the beautiful town of Sintra, a view that has remained largely unchanged for centuries. This was the scene that greeted the Moorish soldiers who inhabited the castle back in the 8th century. Built as a military outpost, the castle changed hands from Moors to Christians following the Reconquista in the 12th century.

Symbol of Portugal's Past

Over time, the castle fell into disuse and was left to the elements. However, the enchanting aura of the fortress caught the attention of King Ferdinand II in the 19th century, who restored it to its former glory. Today, the Moors Castle stands proud, a symbol of Portugal's storied past.

Stunning Architecture

The design of the Moors Castle is a remarkable blend of Moorish and Christian influences. Walk along the 450-meter-long wall that surrounds the mountain, climbing the towers that once served as watch points. Gaze out from the Royal Tower over the Atlantic coast and Sintra town, or feast your eyes on the verdant Sintra Mountains from the High Tower. Inside the castle grounds, discover the romantic ruins of the 12th century São Pedro de Penaferrim chapel, a contrast to the Moorish design with its Romanesque and Gothic elements.

Silence of Breathtaking Views

One visit to the Moors Castle and you'll understand why it's part of the Cultural Landscape of Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage site. I mean, my self proclaimed HD phone camera could not capture the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings when exploring the castle grounds, hiking through the forested areas, or simply enjoy the awe-inspiring views when the castle’s old stone walls are beautifully illuminated by the sunlight.

More than History

Our trip to the Moors Castle in Sintra is more than just a visit to a historical site; it's a captivating journey through the time. No words or camera can capture feelings of amazement here where we follow in the footsteps of Moorish soldiers. The castle's rich history, combined with its breathtaking views, creates a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression. So go, let the Moors Castle transport you back in time. Experience the intriguing history, marvel at the stunning architecture, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Sintra landscape. Your unforgettable journey awaits at the Moors Castle in Sintra.

How To Get There?

Traveling from Lisbon to Sintra is a breeze, with trains frequently departing from Rossio Station in the heart of Lisbon to Sintra Station. The train journey usually lasts between 40 to 50 minutes. Upon reaching Sintra, the Moors Castle can be accessed via the local bus line 434. However, be warned that these buses can become heavily crowded and long lines are not uncommon, particularly during peak tourist season. You might consider opting for a taxi or an Uber for a quicker, more flexible option.

While the Lisbon Card offers several perks including up to a 10% discount on entrance fees to the Moors Castle and other Sintra attractions, it's important to note that it does not cover free transportation within Sintra itself. Therefore, travelers should be prepared to cover these costs independently.

Tickets to the Moors Castle can be conveniently purchased online on the official Parques de Sintra website. Opting for online ticket purchase is advisable to avoid lengthy queues at the ticket office. Be sure to verify the most current Lisbon Card benefits on its official website, as discounts can vary.

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