Riyadh Air: The 10 Commandments of Travelers Loyalty

A blueprint for making a difference and a new normal in dynamic air travel era.


Me & My Kids

7/21/20232 min read

In an era where flying has become commonplace, standing out in the aviation industry demands innovation, commitment, and a razor-sharp focus on passenger needs. Here's a prioritized blueprint for creating an airline that's not just different, but better than best:

1) Commitment to Passengers: At the heart of every successful airline is a relentless commitment to its passengers. This means transparent communication, ensuring safety, and genuinely valuing their feedback. Without this foundation, no amount of perks or innovation can lead to long-term success.

2) Organized and Systematic, Not a Mess: Efficiency in operations is crucial. An organized system means seamless check-ins, quicker turnaround times, and fewer chances for errors or loss that impact passengers.

3) On Time, No Delays: Punctuality is paramount. Regular and consistent on-time departures and arrivals can set the tone for the airline's reputation, ensuring passengers trust the service for their important journeys.

4) Well-Trained and Oriented Staff: From the ground crew to the cabin crew, the faces representing the airline should be well-educated, service-oriented, and thoroughly trained. They're the frontline representatives who can make or break a passenger's experience.

5) New School of Onboard Experience: Modern passengers seek more than just a flight; they want an experience. Incorporating the latest in in-flight entertainment, connectivity solutions, and interactive systems can revolutionize the onboard journey.

6) Unprecedented Cabin Layout: Reimagining the space inside the cabin to provide wider seats and increased comfort can be a game-changer, offering passengers a relaxation level previously unheard of in standard flights.

7) Better Perks Than Competitors: The offer of a 40 Kg allowance for Economy class passengers and upwards is a significant step above many competitors. Such perks can be the determining factor for many when choosing an airline.

8) Speed and Quality of Service: Quick and high-quality response times, both onboard and on the ground, show respect for passengers' time and enhance the overall travel experience, ensuring that efficiency doesn't come at the cost of excellence.

9) Cheaper Fares Than Luxury Market: Offering competitive pricing, especially if it undercuts the luxury market, can attract a wider range of travelers, from budget-conscious individuals to those seeking premium experiences at a reduced cost.

10) Disruptive Philosophy For Air Miles, Upgrades, and Offers: Disrupting loyalty programs to offer more intuitive benefits, easier upgrade paths, and attractive offers can cement passenger loyalty for the long haul.

By prioritizing these elements, any airline can position itself as a true game-changer in the industry, offering unparalleled experiences while securing passenger loyalty and trust. However, if passengers don't see these "10 Commandments of Travel" materialize, it will be a recipe for another average attempt to copycat and/or trail Emirates Airlines forever.

Keep travelling!