Hell's Kitchen: One Hell of A Kitchen At Caesar's Palace

If you're staying at Bluewaters Island with family and have the chance to breakfast at Hell's Kitchen, don't miss out.


Me & Them

7/30/20233 min read

During our stay at Bluewaters Island, my family and our room package included breakfast at Hell’s Kitchen. I've always been a fan of Gordon Ramsay's television persona, so the prospect of dining in one of his establishments was exciting.

Elegant Ambience

From the moment we walked in, the ambiance screamed elegance. The blend of fiery reds against cooler shades mirrored the fierce yet sophisticated vibe Gordon is so known for. The views of the Dubai skyline were a perfect backdrop for our breakfast table. The children were particularly enthralled by the semi-open kitchen, watching the chefs gracefully moving about, preparing meals.

Creative Food

Diving into the buffet was a culinary adventure. Traditional English breakfast screaming Gordon Ramsayoptions reminded me of our travels to London, while local dishes such as shakshuka added a touch of the Middle East that we were all keen to explore. I adored the pastries, flaky and warm, while the kids couldn't get enough of the live egg station. Every dish seemed carefully curated, offering a blend of familiarity with a dash of something new.

Fresh Sip

The fresh juice bar became an instant favorite for us. The kids enjoyed mixing and matching fruits, while I appreciated the freshness in every sip.

Friendly Service

Throughout our meal, the staff were attentive and accommodating, especially with the kids. They anticipated our needs, refilling drinks promptly and guiding us through the expansive buffet offerings. Their warmth added a special touch to the overall experience.


Given that the breakfast was part of our room package, I felt we received excellent value. The quality and range of the food, combined with the impeccable service, made it a memorable experience for us.

The Verdict?

If you're ever in Dubai and staying at Bluewaters Island with family and have the chance to breakfast at Hell's Kitchen, don't miss out. It's a delightful fusion of flavors, ambiance, and service that will undoubtedly set a positive tone for the rest of your day.

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