Fly to Europe: Name Your Own Ticket Price.

Priceline, a different way of doing travel, here is how.


7/2/20232 min read

In today's world of rampant travel deals, discount airlines, and online travel platforms, it's never been more feasible to travel on a budget. is one such platform that, when used wisely, can aid adventurers in exploring the majestic landscapes, rich history, and diverse cultures of Europe for less than $300 or a price you name. Yes, you heard that right! Here's how to make it happen.

Step 1: Flexibility is Key

The secret to scoring the best deals on is being flexible with your dates and destinations. If you're open to traveling during the off-peak season and are willing to explore less-popular destinations, you can score some unbelievable deals. This isn't to say that the less-traveled paths are less enriching; they often provide a more authentic experience.

Step 2: Utilize Priceline's "Express Deals"

Priceline's "Express Deals" are where you can find some of the best discounts. These are deals for which the exact details are revealed only after purchase, allowing Priceline to offer steeper discounts. These include discounts on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Remember to cross-check these "Express Deals" with other offers on the site to ensure you're getting the best possible price.

Step 3: Bundle Up with Priceline's Package Deals

Priceline offers significant discounts when you book your flight, hotel, and car rental all in one package. When planning your European adventure, make sure to check out these packages. Remember, the more flexible you are with your travel dates and locations, the better these deals can be.

Step 4: Take Advantage of Priceline's "Pricebreaker" Feature

The "Pricebreaker" feature lets you choose from three potential hotel options, and after booking, Priceline will reveal which one you got. You can save up to 50% on the hotel's regular rate using this tool, but you have to be okay with a little suspense and flexibility.

Step 5: Harness the Power of Bid Feature

Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" tool, also known as the bidding feature, is another excellent resource for finding cheap travel deals. This feature allows you to bid on hotel rooms, car rentals, and airline tickets. But remember, all bids are final, and if accepted, they cannot be changed or cancelled.

Step 6: Frequent Check-ins

Deals on are constantly changing, with new discounts appearing regularly. Frequent check-ins will help you stay abreast of the latest deals and potentially help you snag a bargain.

Step 7: Sign Up for Priceline VIP

Signing up for Priceline VIP is free and offers various benefits, including exclusive discounts, coupons, and access to special deals. VIP members can save even more on "Express Deals", adding another layer of savings.

While these steps may help you get to Europe and perhaps even help with accommodations for under $300 or a package price you name, keep in mind that day-to-day costs such as meals, transportation, and sightseeing will add to your overall budget. Still, with careful planning and strategic use of, your European adventure may not be as costly as you think. Bon voyage!

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