Dubai to Bangkok in Business Class

6 hours flight on a B737 (MAX or not) the outcome is the same.


Me & Her

7/1/20232 min read

After an eventful 6-hour long haul on Fly Dubai's business class from Dubai to Bangkok and the return flight, I've been left with a handful of mixed feelings about the entire experience.

To begin with, our originally scheduled aircraft was unavailable for some undisclosed reasons, leading us to board a different version of the Boeing 737 fleet. This aircraft had been parked on the sun-baked tarmac during the sweltering Dubai summer heat, pushing the temperature inside up to an unbearable level. It took quite some time for the air conditioning system to lower the temperature to a more comfortable level - a less than ideal start to our journey.

The seating arrangement was less than desirable. The seats, while they were draped in what felt like fine quality leather, were not fully reclining. The slick nature of the leather surface made us slide down every 15-20 minutes, necessitating constant readjustments. This was certainly not the plush and relaxed experience one would expect from a business class ticket.

The flight itself was far from smooth sailing. As we flew over the Gulf of Bengal, we experienced turbulence that led to quite a bumpy ride. While turbulence is a common occurrence in air travel, this experience was particularly uncomfortable and unsettling, especially given the duration of the flight.

A key component of any long-haul flight is the food. Fortunately, this was one area where Fly Dubai met expectations. The meal served on board was pleasant, a bright spot in an otherwise challenging flight.

The on-board toilet facilities, on the other hand, were surprisingly cramped. Given the duration of the flight, a larger and more comfortable restroom would have been much appreciated by passengers.

The return flight from Bangkok to Dubai was even more challenging as we navigated the crowded airspace of Dubai. A multitude of larger Boeing 777s and Airbus A380s created an endless stream of turbulence for our smaller B737, leading to feelings of nausea and unfortunate bouts of vomiting for my wife and children.

Would I consider another long-haul journey on a B737 with Fly Dubai? Given this experience, the answer is a resounding no. Despite the airline's commendable meal service, the discomfort of the seating, the unpleasantly warm conditions at the start of the flight, and the excessive turbulence encountered makes me lean towards a larger aircraft, like at least Airbus A321, A330 or even larger A380 or B777, for future long-haul flights.

Fly Dubai would do well to improve its long-haul business class experience, particularly on its newer B737 fleet, to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for passengers. Until then, I recommend anyone to consider a larger aircraft for their long-haul journeys.

Keep travelling!