A Sanctuary Called Mauritius: 5 Honest Thoughts from Land of Healing.

Sometimes, life thrusts you into circumstances that leave you seeking solace and answers far beyond the borders of familiarity


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7/30/20234 min read

Sometimes, life thrusts you into circumstances that leave you seeking solace and answers far beyond the borders of familiarity. For me, the chapter of existential questioning began before the pandemic, and when the world shut down, it became an agonizing crescendo. However, amid the turmoil, a beacon of hope emerged, a sanctuary called Mauritius.

It was three times that I ventured to this captivating island, and each visit marked a different chapter in my life's story. The first was an escape—a bid to find refuge from the tempest within and around. What I found, quite unexpectedly, was love. Mesmerized by its allure, my second trip was to rekindle that newfound affection. By the third visit, the world had changed, scarred by the pandemic, and like many, I sought a fresh start. Today, I wear the proud title of an ambassador, an advocate for this island I now turn to when I seek solace and healing. Let me explain why.

The Beauty of Silence and Nature

Mauritius is not just a destination; it's an experience. In its southern lands, it offers the tranquil embrace of nature. I found healing walking through the conservation parks, trying my hand at windsurfing, feeling the coarse golden sand between my toes, or simply driving leisurely around the island, absorbing its serenity. There's a sense of simplicity here, unmarred by the noise and pace of urban life.

The Simplicity of Complex Life

Witnessing others relish in the simple pleasures of life has an infectious joy. The locals, with their easy-going nature, and the Europeans, who have left behind the illustrious charms of their homeland, are testaments. Watching them run free with their children, basking in the raw beauty of Mauritius, one can't help but ask: Why are they here? What prompted them to abandon the sought-after European dream? The answer, perhaps, lies in the profound joys of a simple, uncluttered life.

A Transformation Beyond Me: The Children's Paradigm Shift

My children, once tethered to the digital screens of iPads, have now discovered a different world outside these confines. In Mauritius, their eyes have widened not to the glare of a device, but to the vibrant hues of nature. Gone are the days of indoor bickering; they are outdoors more than ever, basking in the sun, feeling the wind, and connecting with the earth. Their plates are cleaned out at every meal, not out of obligation, but genuine enjoyment. Their evenings? They aren't spent in front of a glowing screen, but on the beaches at 10 pm, chasing after frogs, hunting for crabs, and spotting little fish under the moonlit sky. Their giggles and excitement on these nocturnal adventures echo the pure, unadulterated joy that this island has brought into their lives.

The Personal Connection

There's something transformative about the Mauritian way of life. I found my health rejuvenated, with my diabetes disappearing even as I indulged in delectable dishes. This island begged me to question many of my previous choices: Why did I feel such an attachment to the barefoot lifestyle? Why did the sunsets here seem more magical? Why was I so entranced by the minute details, like the distinct calls of different birds or the slow movement of slugs after a light drizzle? And, after a lifetime of driving on the left, why did driving on the right side in the dimmed streets at dusk feel so right?

Could it be Holiday Romance?

It's easy to romanticize a holiday destination, but Mauritius is more than just a fleeting infatuation for me. It's the juxtaposition of the island's simplicity against the backdrop of my metropolitan life that constantly tugs at my heart. Why wouldn't I want to make this my forever home?

Perhaps, It Could be A Revelation

In the grand tapestry of life, Mauritius, for me, is not just a place on a map. It's a refuge, a healer, a mentor, and above all, a beloved friend. Every winding road, every chirping bird, and every golden sunset here whispers the same thing to my soul: Perhaps, this is where you truly belong.

Or just simply a call to go.

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